Going Bananas for A’PIEU’s Banana Milk Sheet Mask


A’PIEU’s Banana Milk sheet mask is, according to its online description, “a glass of milk for your skin.” The Korean beauty product’s main selling point is that it contains banana extract, to nourish the skin, milk extract, to help your skin retain moisture by “forming a protective barrier” over it, and the sheet mask itself is specially designed with air pockets “which enhances the absorption of active ingredients” and adheres better to the skin. Its ingredients all check out, but if you have sensitive skin it may irritate it. I’d suggest sampling any facial products on the inside of your wrist before use to make sure it doesn’t cause a reaction.

Despite all the benefits it claims to have, the main reason it caught my attention is the design of the packaging itself. It’s made to look like a yellow, 2-D banana milk carton. Not only was it cute, but inexpensive.  It’s a bit tough to tear it open because of the shape, but it wasn’t that big a deal. At $2.50 before taxes, I figured it was a cheap way to buy an adorable product that’ll benefit my face. It’d also make a great add-on to a goody bag or present.

The smell is amazing! I’m obsessed! It smells like someone made a banana-flavored Laffy Taffy milk shake and poured it in the bag. People sensitive to smells might not be keen to it, but if you like anything fruity and sugary, you’ll love this.

The directions say to wash your face then use toner, however I just ran out, so I just applied the mask directly after washing my face with Olay Classic Sensitive Foaming Face Wash. After having it on for a bit, the smell became less noticeable and I forgot was soaking my face in bananas. Regarding the “air pockets,” I didn’t notice a difference in the way it sticks to my face from other sheet masks I’ve used.

I took it off after 20 minutes and rubbed any remaining serum into my face. It felt like there was a gooey film left over that took another 15 minutes to soak into my skin and I think it may have been the “protective barrier” created by the milk extract, but I’m not sure.

It left my skin feeling soft the next day. It looked a bit fresher and dewy. I’d give the mask a B+. It did a good job but didn’t leave me wanting to run out and buy more right away. However, I do want to try the other masks in A’PIEU’s collection. There’s chocolate, coconut, green tea, pure milk and strawberry. Be sure to look out for reviews regarding A’PIEU’s other products!


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